born on September, 20th in Aachen, Germany



Diploma in Design and Visual Communications, FH Aachen and Royal College of Arts

since 1992


Lecturer for Nude- and Free Drawing at VHS Aachen



Art-Director in Advertising Agencies (Duesseldorf, Germany)

since 1997


Self-employed Artist and Designer



Armin Flossdorf has been working on sports- themes for ten years - in particular Formula One. His main technique is acryllics and pencil on canvas. His interest and close connection to motorsports in general and to the Formula One in particular naturally lead him to action-paintings of Formula 1 cars. As a consequence racing cars became his objects of preference and most interpreted motive. Soon his "F1-arts" made him well recognized within the motorsport scene. In the following years he equipped VIP-Lounges around race tracks, performed his live-paintings and exhibited his art around races and on motorsport- events. Therefore his art became part of international motorsport and especially of the Formula One, very much welcomed by fans and participants. One of his first big supporters within the Formula One was Jean Todt, who meanwhile has equipped his F1-museum in Paris with various pieces of Armin's art. By now his paintings are spread all over the world in galleries as well as offices and houses of people related to motorsport - drivers, functionaries, fans you name it.



Started off in Monaco as his first "Formula One - Fanatic Location" he now exhibits his art all around the world, where ever qualitative motorsport is near. In 2008 he accompanied the F1 to Montreal and Singapore, where he exhibited in exclusive F1- related hotels and performed his live-paintings around various events. In 2009 he will exhibit in Bahrain, Monaco, Milan, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.






Exhibitions and Events



Exhibition Grand Hotel Monte-Carlo
Exhibition Indy Marriott Indianapolis and Live- Paintings in the Union Station (CrownePlaza) of Indianapolis for "GP-Tours" on the occasion of the Formula I Grand Prix of U.S.A.
Exhibition Dorint Hotel Aachen and Live-Paintings for "GP-Tours"
Exhibition at "Eibach springs" (Corona, California)



Exhibition "Fairmont Monte Carlo" and Live-Paintings for GP-Tours in the Grimaldi-Palace
Exhibition at the GP of Europe and Live-Paintings for MS- Traveling / Henry Maske Charity



Exhibition "Fairmont Monte Carlo" and Live Paintings at the GP of Europe



Exhibition "Fairmont Monte Carlo" and Live-Paintings at the Grimaldi-Palace



Exhibition "Fairmont Monte Carlo" Grand Prix Historique and Formula One Grand Prix
Exhibition "Fairmont Montreal" Charity Auction on "Crescent-Street- Festival" for HONDAs "Clean Air Champions"
Exhibition "Fairmont Singapore" and Live-Paintings at "Raffles Business Center"






Commissioned Art and Design



Interior equipment of the new ADAC - VIP- Lounge at Nuerburgring
Live-Paintings at the "Essen Motorshow"



First meeting with Jean Todt in the Ferrari motorhome and ADAC-Vip- Lounge at the Nuerburgring - presenting of exposé and works, followed by commission of Jean Todt's first artworks and personal invitation to several Grand Prixs Production of five large paintings now presented in Jean Todt's private F 1-museum in Paris



Live-Paintings at the Motorshow Essen - commissioned by ADAC Commissioned artworks for ADAC-president Hermann Tomczyk, head of BMW-Racing Dr. Mario Theissen and owner of Red Bull Mr. Mateschitz



Production of F1-artprint-calendar commissioned by Vodafone Commissioned painting to Jean Todt's jubilee at Ferrari Commissioned paintings for the new entrance- lobby at Ferrari's Company-building at Maranello



Production painting No. 9 Jean Todt to be installed in his F1 museum
Presenting paintings + designs for Jean Todt in Maranello
Design of merchandising articles for the "Fairmont Monaco"



Design for official Ferrari merchandising line
Design of merchandising articles for the "Fairmont Monaco"
Design of merchandising articles for the "Fairmont Singapore"









Live-Action-Painting during broadcasting program of "Aktuelles Sport-Studio", Second German National TV - special guest appearance by David Coulthard



Editorial report about Armin Flossdorf and his artwork in "ADAC-sportwelt"



Portrait of Armin Flossdorf broadcasted on WDR - in connection with the GP in Spa, Belgium



1st meeting with Phil Hill, former F1-World- Champion -WDR broadcasts a Live-Painting out of his atelier
TV broadcasting Monaco 1 sending a portrait about Armin Flossdorf at the Monaco GP